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ERRATA - 127 ipTIME Routers/WiFi APs/Modems/Firewalls models vulnerable with RCE with root privileges

ipTIME's statement about 112 vulnerable devices seems to be incorrect, so the precedent advisory was incorrect.

By analysis the new firmwares, there are 127 ipTIME vulnerable devices:

ipTIME a1004
ipTIME a1004v
ipTIME a104
ipTIME a104ns
ipTIME a104r
ipTIME a2004
ipTIME a2004ns
ipTIME a2004r
ipTIME a2008
ipTIME a3004
ipTIME a3004ns
ipTIME a5004ns
ipTIME a604
ipTIME a604v
ipTIME extac
ipTIME extd2
ipTIME g1
ipTIME g104
ipTIME g104a
ipTIME g104be
ipTIME g104i
ipTIME g104m
ipTIME g204
ipTIME g501
ipTIME g504
ipTIME ipsmart
ipTIME mini
ipTIME mobap1
ipTIME multi
ipTIME n1
ipTIME n104
ipTIME n104a
ipTIME n104ar1
ipTIME n104i
ipTIME n104k
ipTIME n104ktt
ipTIME n104m
ipTIME n104p
ipTIME n104q
ipTIME n104r
ipTIME n104r3
ipTIME n104rsk
ipTIME n104s
ipTIME n104sr1
ipTIME n104t
ipTIME n104v
ipTIME n104vlg
ipTIME n1e
ipTIME n1eky
ipTIME n1p
ipTIME n2
ipTIME n2e
ipTIME n2p
ipTIME n3004
ipTIME n5
ipTIME n5004
ipTIME n504
ipTIME n5r1
ipTIME n6004
ipTIME n6004m
ipTIME n6004r
ipTIME n604
ipTIME n604a
ipTIME n604i
ipTIME n604m
ipTIME n604p
ipTIME n604r
ipTIME n604s
ipTIME n604t
ipTIME n604v
ipTIME n604vlg
ipTIME n608
ipTIME n7004ns
ipTIME n702bcm
ipTIME n704
ipTIME n704a
ipTIME n704a3
ipTIME n704bcm
ipTIME n704lg
ipTIME n704m
ipTIME n704mlg
ipTIME n704ns
ipTIME n704s
ipTIME n704v
ipTIME n704v3
ipTIME n8004
ipTIME n8004r
ipTIME n8004v
ipTIME n804
ipTIME n804a
ipTIME n804a3
ipTIME n804t
ipTIME n804t3
ipTIME n804v
ipTIME n904
ipTIME n904ns
ipTIME n904v
ipTIME ng104
ipTIME ng304
ipTIME ntq104
ipTIME ntv108
ipTIME ntv116
ipTIME ntv124
ipTIME q1
ipTIME q304
ipTIME q504
ipTIME q604
ipTIME t1004
ipTIME t1008
ipTIME t16000
ipTIME t2008
ipTIME t24000
ipTIME t3004
ipTIME t3008
ipTIME timeve
ipTIME tq204
ipTIME tv104
ipTIME v1016
ipTIME v1024
ipTIME v304
ipTIME v308
ipTIME v504
ipTIME wre1
ipTIME x3003
ipTIME x3007
ipTIME x5007
ipTIME x6003

You can download firmwares here: http://download.iptime.com/download/router/

published on 2015-05-05 00:00:00 by Pierre Kim <pierre.kim.sec@gmail.com>